My Hands Reindeer Placemat

$15.00 USD


Product Description

Have you ever stared at your child's hands and wished you could always remember their tiny little fingers forever? Here is a way that you can look back and remember how small they once were.

This reindeer placemat is created using your child's hands and footprint. All you have to do is trace around each hand and one foot on two different sheets of paper, scan them into your computer, and send them to me via email. It takes approximately two days to make the placemat after I receive the prints. Your child's name and the year can be included without additional charge.


If you have a color preference, please let me know ahead of time. Most are done in winter and Christmas themes, but I could also do them in "lodge" theme.

If you don't have a way to scan the pictures, you can mail them to me. This will delay the creation for a few days.

My Hands Reindeer Placemat My Hands Reindeer Placemat My Hands Reindeer Placemat

Freckle Dots

Hi there! Do you like my banner? That's actually part of a quilt block I've done. Photoshopped to look cooler, of course. :) This studio is all about quilts. And Freckles. Freckles is my puppy. She is part Jack Russell, part wire-hair, all terrier. She's my buddy while I'm quilting. She can be a bit dotty, too, so I call her Freckle Dots. Named my studio after her. So take a look around, have some fun, we're all high energy and sewing!