Custom T Shirt Quilt

$65.00 USD


Product Description

Hold your precious memories close instead of storing them away. Tee shirt quilts are a great way to use your loved ones' t shirts, cloth items, or baby clothes in a way that both retains the memory and your storage space.

The price on this listing is for a lap/crib size quilt. Bigger quilts add $20 a size. Custom listings will be made on individual basis for my buyers!

Memory quilts can be made any size depending on the number of articles you have and the style that you want. Have questions? Ask Away!

Custom T Shirt Quilt Custom T Shirt Quilt

Freckle Dots

Hi there! Do you like my banner? That's actually part of a quilt block I've done. Photoshopped to look cooler, of course. :) This studio is all about quilts. And Freckles. Freckles is my puppy. She is part Jack Russell, part wire-hair, all terrier. She's my buddy while I'm quilting. She can be a bit dotty, too, so I call her Freckle Dots. Named my studio after her. So take a look around, have some fun, we're all high energy and sewing!